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This is the project for Software Atelier 4: Software Engineering Project. JobAdvisor is a web platform for freelancers, you can search what you need and then book your service with the workers.



PF1 - Final Project

We created a game called Polsk inspired by Super crate box.
You are a polish chicken who has to survive in a temple. You have to collect chests to increase your score. You have a various weapons you can get that will help you defeat the monsters.
You can play the game below.

main page

History of Informatics v2

The story of informatics between 1968 and 2000. There are four main topics : Hardware, Software, Internet and Games. The website features a timeline for each topic.
It was a group project done by all 54 members of the class, we used svn to develop the project in group. This website is an extension of the project of the previous year.

curriculum vitae

This was my first project in Software Atelier 1. We wrote our Curriculim Vitae in LaTex. You can view it below.


Movie Search

This is the project for Information Retreival. It is a serach engine for movies. You can search by title, genre, year ecc... and then results can be grouped by genre. The application is built with Nutch and Solr for the backend and React+Redux for the frontend


Group Draw

This was the project for Software Atelier 3: The Web, GroupDraw is an online appilcation that let's users draw together.


Heart of Ages

HCI - Final Project

We created a clicker adventure game programmed in java. This time we concentrated more on the interface and human computer interaction in the game.


The Demoscene (presentation)

This was the final assignment of Software Atelier I, a presentation of 5 minutes. I chose to present The Demoscene. It was difficult to explain it in only 5 minutes you can view the presentation below. If you are interested in this topic I'll link below some interesting websites:



This website that you are currently browsing is the second project. Make yourself at home and feel free to look around.

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