Lorenzo Spoleti

USI student

Lorenzo Spoleti

USI student and web developer

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My story

Hello! I'm Lorenzo, I'm and I am currently attending university (read the card beside for more). I was born in Mendrisio (CH) and I live in Stabio (CH). I went to school in Italy, first the elementary school in Villaguardia (I). Then middle and high school in Como at Collegio Gallio where I attended "Liceo Scientifico Scienze Applicate".
Enough about school and let's talk about my interests. I started playing piano when I was in elementary school and I played it for 6 years, I stopped in the first year of high school and then I started again the first year of university. Apart from music I also like watching movies, playing video games and reading books. I also love skiing and swimming.

uni informatics building


I am currently attending the faculty of Informatics at Università della Svizzera italiana.
I intend to obtain the bachelor and currently I am in the second semester where I am participating in these courses:

  • Fall Semester 2015

    • Computer Architecture
    • Discrete Structures
    • Programming Fundamentals 1
    • Software Atelier 1: Fundamentals of Informatics
    • Technical English
    • Privatissimum
  • Spring Semester 2016

    • Algorithms & Data Structures
    • Calculus
    • Linear Algebra
    • Programming Fundamentals 2
    • Software Atelier 2: Human-Computer Interaction
  • Fall Semester 2016

    • Automata & Formal Languages
    • Computer Networking
    • Data Management Soulé Robert
    • Programming Fundamentals 3
    • Software Atelier 3: The Web
  • Spring Semester 2017

    • Introduction to Computational Science
    • Operating Systems
    • Probability & Statistics
    • Systems Programming
    • Software Atelier 4: Software Engineering Project
    • Programming Challenges Lab